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We'd like to introduce a new feature, because features are fun and make the day just fly fly fly by. In case you missed it, former "new media" dropout Mark Newman has resurfaced at to help Bud Selig sell something that you absolutely cannot find anywhere else (particularly not for free): Blogs! For the bargain price of $4.95 a month, you too can have your very own MLB blog. What's different about this blog than, say, a blogspot blog? Um ... it has in the title. Good deal!

Anyway, in order to bring in unsuspecting suckers — of which there are very few among sports fans, of course — MLB Blogs has signed up Tommy Lasorda and Brooks Robinson (more specific, a couple people who have met them and know how to type — infrequently) to run their own blogs. We'll be keeping an eye on the MLB Blogs, to let you know just what you could be doing, if you had a spare five bucks a month to just set on fire.

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