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Angels owner Arte Moreno is the type of guy we like. In case you forgot, this guy got around the Angels' agreement with the city of Anaheim that he would keep their city in the team's name by calling them the "Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim," knowing full well that the name would just be shortened to LAA. As always, legislators are impotent in the face of billionaires; the California General Assembly voted yesterday to require the team inform its fans that it plays in Anaheim, not Los Angeles. (It has to pass the California Senate next. Wonder what Arnold will think?) This would seem an extraneous gesture; if one needs to inform one's fans where, exactly, the team plays, it is possible that the team's name is the least of one's worries. Still: Maybe the idiots with the ThunderStix will get lost on the way to the park.

Assembly Passes "Disclaimer" Bill [Los Angeles Times]