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Sometimes we think we could play around on Barry Bonds' Web site all day. Unlike many athletes' who have their own sites, Bonds actually seems to put some time into his, mainly because it's the only way he can talk to his "fans" without the evil frothing media standing in the way. Well, digging around today brought up this nugget: Barry Bonds' links section.

Not surprisingly, the links section seems entirely devoted to Bonds' self-interest. The highlights after the jump:

Calypso Studios. Company that produces Bonds' Web site.
EnosGroup. Apparently Barry Bonds' lawyer, or a lawyer friend. Check out the expansiveness of Enos' site.
Rachael Vizcarra Public Relations. Bonds' personal public relations rep. Considering the amount of work necessary to be Bonds' rep, a link was probably the least he could do.
Pro Access. Sports marketing agency. Represents Bonds, Curtis Martin, Emmitt Smith, Roy Jones Jr. and, apparently, Playboy Entertainment.
Positive Images. A professional photography site for Gisele Bonds, who may or may not be a Bonds' relative (a cursory search reveals no link between the two. Though it did reveal this beautiful piece of artwork).
San Francisco Giants. Well, that's nice. [Official Site]