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Pity the poor folks who work at There haven't been any games in months, all the players are off playing in the countries where they change the president every month and, all told, there just ain't all that much to do. These days, they're twiddling their thumbs by playing a fantasy tournament involving all-time decades teams. Staffers are apparently so starved for activity that they're even giving the "games" real headlines, like "Nineties holds off determined Fifties' rally" and "Dynamic trio lifts Eighties to victory." (They even have box scores and standings.) This reminds us of a misunderstanding a female friend of ours once had about fantasy baseball; she didn't understand the statistics aspect of it and just thought it was a bunch of guys sitting in a room saying things like, "Hey, I hit a home run!" and "Yeah! I struck you out!" Next week, the kids will do imaginary radio broadcasts of their imaginary games.

Nineties holds off determined Fifties' rally []