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Phoenix Suns forward Paul Shirley, beloved bethrothed to Our Bill Simmons, is posting again, because he's certainly not playing. We find him slightly less amusing than everyone else does, but this week, he does have his moments:

—Tim Floyd is one of the people I respect most in all the world.
—There comes a point in every semi-blowout basketball game that, if it has been held off long enough, the team sucking the proverbial rear mammary begins to fold.
—[Steve Nash] made big shot after big shot, at times when a miss would have been absolutely disastrous because Dallas was certainly not acquiescing to Steve s plan of a stirring comeback and was making nearly everything they threw in the direction of the backboard.


This display of grammatical extravangance and fantmasgazience caused our face to roll into lubriguous rolls of galeous laughter, exploding into a veritible cornucopia of internal lubrigeneousness. Or, as we might say it, the overwriting made us laugh.

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