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Those looking for next "clutch" player to replace Reggie "Never Won A Title But Am Somehow Considered The Best Crunch Time Guy Ever" Miller should turn their eyes away from the court and toward lousy FOX reality television, says Flak's Bob Cook in his weekly "Bring Out The Sports!" column. (We remember back when it was called "Kick Out The Sports (Motherfucker!)" We liked that title more.) Writes Cook:

When Seacrest told Solomon on last Wednesday's show that she was voted out, she seemed almost relieved it was over, like Peyton Manning after another butt-kicking from the New England Patriots. ... This was the equivalent of the 35-foot 3-pointer with the shot-clock at one second Bice had killed with a no-instrument version of an obscure hair metal song.

We're still not watching that show, motherfucker.

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