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Any teenage boy could tell you the importance of parking. When your parents won't leave the house and you can't afford a hotel, the only place you can make out with girls is in your car. There are some key rules, though:

1. Find someplace deserted.
2. Shut off the car.
3. Make sure the lights are off.
4. Don't give a cop any excuse to bother you.


Tennessee Titans wide receiver Tyrone Calico broke all these rules, and he got busted for it. The perpetual fantasy football disappointment was arrested in Nashville for public indecency when a cop found him sans clothing in his SUV with an 18-year-old woman. (Close call, Tyrone!) The officer noticed Calico because his lights were on, the engine was running and he was parked right off Music Row. Tsk, tsk. What an amateur.

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