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We try not to get into the details of what team in particular we root for around here, but this seems an innocuous enough admission: We love the Arizona Cardinals. This is not some kind of postmodern hip anti-conformist persona; Nobody loves the Arizona Cardinals, so we do! We are serious about this: We love the Arizona Cardinals. Please do not mock us; we cannot take much more.

But apparently there's much optimism out there involving The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals (our affectionate nickname). CBS' Pete Prisco — who has to be the most anonymous "insider" on the Web; Pete, don't you know you're supposed to be screaming on "Around the Horn?" — says this is the year the Buzzsaw breaks through, and with the naming of Kurt Warner as the team's starter, people who never watch the Buzzsaw are now all excited about them. Settle, people. We watch all the games. We know what it's like to be a (the?) Buzzsaw fan. Simmer. Trust us.


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