As former sports editors of our college papers, we can assure you: There is no more loathsome creature than the college sports information director. Secure that what they're doing is important, believing they're really a part of the team, they wield their small-town "power" as if they truly hold the key to something great, as if all reporters are simply intruders on their imaginary fiefdom. (And from our experience, half of them end up sleeping with their interns anyway. But you didn't hear that from us.)

Anyway, SIDs are notoriously bored during the summer months, but the lucky ones keep busy with pointless Heisman Trophy crap. The campaign for the most overrated piece of metal since Tom Cruise has already begun. Useless promotional trinkets include a 7 1/2 inch stock car model based around Memphis running back DeAngelo Williams. We'd like to note, by the way, that the college football season doesn't start for almost three months.

Race Is On For Heisman Spotlight [Orlando Sentinel]