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We don't pay much attention to figure skating — obviously — but we have always been amused and befuddled by the intense popularity of Michelle Kwan. (We once knew a grown woman who had pictures of her all over her wall. She was a sensitive sort.) Yesterday, Kwan announced that she will participate in the 2006 Olympics, trying to grasp that elusive Olympic gold.

Thing about Kwan is, well, she always gags in the Olympics. She's always favored, everyone's rooting for her to win — including, usually, the judges — and she has a tendency to, you know, fall down. If Kwan played baseball, she'd be Bill Buckner. We won't lie: The only time we like figure skating is when they fall down and their dreams are shattered, so yeah, we guess we kind of like Michelle Kwan too.


(By the way, Kwan loses big points for making her announcement on the "Today" show.)

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