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Honestly, the city of Cincinnati just drives us crazy. On one hand, they arrest people for trying to show art. On the other, Jerry
Springer was their mayor. Creationism museum? Put it in Cincy! Need a sportswriter? Grab Nick Lachey!

That's right: Jessica Simpson's personal butt-boy, a Cincinnati native, penned a sports column for the Cincinnati Enquirer on Monday. How is it? Well, the story starts "As I stand in the recording studio in Los Angeles trying to finish my next album ..." Classy.


Apparently, Lachey, while hiding from Simpson's papers-in-hand divorce lawyer, has been keeping an eye on his hometown teams, and he's pissed, or as pissed as anyone in a boy band can really be. He's mostly furious about how Cincinnati Bearcats coach Bob Huggins and Reds closer Danny Graves have been treated by their respective organizations. And apparently he's as cuckolded talking about sports as he is everything else.

I find myself questioning some of those loyalties because of the recent developments involving the Reds and Bearcats. I've tried to complain to Jessica about it, but she doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about, so I've written this to assuage my frustration.

Nick Lachey: A Fan's Outrage [Cincinnati Enquirer]