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Which former football player said the following, during an interview with a video game Web site about the upcoming "Blitz: The League," which follows professional players' lives both on and off the field?

"Most players today are pussies."

"I would love to have prostitutes in the game. I would hope that someone would send one to Quentin Sands. Wear his ass out."

"Oh boy, I should've used [the Whizzinator]. Are you kidding me? Believe me, they know when you're trying to cheat. I've tried everything."

"You got people grabbing nuts, trying to poke your eyes out. Anything under that huddle where the referees can't see is legal as far as we were concerned. It's like this game, everything is legal."

If you didn't say "Lawrence Taylor," well, you're an idiot.

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[All told, we won't lie: That game sounds REALLY fun.]