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This has been out for a while, but we finally heard it today, so we couldn't let it slip by any longer. Oh Say Can You SING?, an album of covers by baseball players, has been unleashed into the wild. Included are:

· Ozzie Smith singing Sam Cooke's "Cupid." His falsetto sounds like his larynx is being attacked by miniature railroad laborers.
· Ben Broussard belting U2's "With Or Without You." You can just imagine on this one.
· Coco Crisp rapping his own song, "We Got That Thing." Money quote: "It was a lot of pressure to write an original track where the lyrics would pass the stringent test of Major League Baseball." Heh.


Anyway, if you buy this, either online or at any Major League Baseball location, you will encourage them to make more, which they say they will "if sales are good." So please. Buy them. It's not every day you hear Jeff Conine sing Stone Temple Pilots' "Plush." (Really.)

Oh Say Can You SING? [Good Sports Recordings]