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Redskins running back Clinton Portis might have been a disappointment for coach Joe Gibbs last year, but he apparently keeps on keeping the ladies satisfied.

Portis — pictured above during a "guest spot" on America's Top Model; he was reportedly just "hanging around the set." Uh-huh — is earning a reputation as a rather prodiguous purveyor of fine ladies. Witness this recent post on the immeasurably great NFL Wives Yahoo Group.

Clinton Portis is sexy in person, it's amazing what money can do for a man looks because if you were to take away the diamonds and thousand dollar threads he would be ok in the looks department. I know for a fact he use to date Free however they still kick it but he has other girls. He has a couple of em in Houston some are trickling down in DC, he has some in MIA also. He is definately a party person and unlike some NFL ballers he is picky with his selection of groupies.

Gibbs last year complained that Portis wasn't "hitting the holes hard enough." The guy clearly has been away from the game too long and has no idea what he's talking about.

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