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Remember the story of Ashton Kutcher punking Alex Rodriguez? Essentially, Kutcher and his "Punk'd" buddies pulled a prank on A-Rod where they had a Red Sox fan get all belligerant with him. Supposedly — Rodriguez refused to sign the waiver for the footage to be shown — A-Rod freaked out and became a whining, crying, angry baby. Somewhere, Kutcher has this footage in his basement, and he shows it when Bruce Willis comes by to see the kids, or P-Diddy comes by for coffee and Scrabble.

Kutcher is back in the game, according to the Philadelphia Daily News, "punking" Terrell Owens and Allen Iverson. Owens' segment, according to the story, "involves him being a Good Samaritan in an accident that turns ugly when a personal injury attorney shows up." Iverson's seems more fun: He keeps not being allowed by bouncers into his own party while people like Todd Bridges keep getting let in. And at least neither one of them were a little girl like A-Rod was.

Ashton Punks A.I., T.O. []