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More details have come out from the arrest of Redskins safety Sean Taylor, and they're ugly. According to The Washington Post and police reports:

At an arraignment yesterday, Grieco filed one charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon — a bat — against Taylor's co-defendant, Charles Elwood Caughman , 19, of Baltimore. Police have said that on June 1, Taylor drove his sports utility vehicle, with Caughman inside, and with several other friends trailing in another car, into a Miami neighborhood to settle a dispute over the NFL player's two stolen all-terrain vehicles.

According to police reports, Taylor got out of the car and pointed a gun at two people and demanded the return of his ATVs. No shots were fired but Taylor returned shortly thereafter with more friends, police said. The second time, Taylor hit one person with his fist during a scuffle, the report said, while Caughman chased the second victim with a bat.

Taylor could face up to three years in jail ... minimum. When Redskins coach Joe Gibbs sleeps at night, he dreams of cars going in circles ... and circles ... and circles ...

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