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Apparently, athlete culture's a little different in England than it is here. Soccer "megastar" David Beckham — also, in England, you don't necessarily have to be all that good at your sport to be the most famous — lamented to the soccer press that he is losing all of his gay fans to rugby star Gavin Henson. You heard that correctly: A major athlete saying he's disappointment that more gay men don't want him.

"I think I have lost a lot of my gay fans to Welsh rugby star Gavin Henson," Beckham said. "It is a shame as I really love them."

Imagine, say, Brett Favre saying this, or Rasheed Wallace, or (gasp) Ray Lewis saying something like that. The best part is how Beckham and Henson are compared by the British press. Beckham confesses to wearing his wife's underwear, while Henson sports a fake tan and shaves his legs. What is going on here? Just try and ask Ray Lewis if he shaves his legs sometimes. Go ahead. Let us know how that goes for you.

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