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A spy sends us this report from an event that Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington and 49ers defender Julian Peterson hosted this last weekend which allegedly involved gunfire:

The cops came around midnight and said that the music was too loud. So the outside DJ had to shut down. Security started to usher people inside the house. But then they said the inside DJ's had to shut down too. Which was just a stunt to shut the party down because when the doors were closed, you couldn't hear the music outside. Next thing you know, a fight broke out in the house. Right in front of me. Still not too sure what it was over. The fight turned into a brawl which then sprawled outside onto the deck... and then back inside again. Doors were broken. Dudes were on the floor. It was bad. As one of the guys was being taken out the front door, Lavar was walking down the stairs. The guy started screaming at Lavar, who was nowhere near the fight nor had anything to do with anything. Security then started ushering people back outside the house down the back stairs. At that point, everyone was just kind of disappointed that at such a nice event, some BS like that would happen. Before you knew it, POP! POP! POP! POP! People went from casually walking down the stairs, to running up the stairs for their lives. Screaming. People were hiding out in dark rooms. There was mass confusion. Some people there didn't really get the jist of all that was going on. Someone was SHOT!! One of the guys working security that night, named Mo. I heard a second person was shot too but I'm not too clear on that.

I swear that every officer in the state was there. Cop cars were lined up back to back for at LEAST one mile straight. They brought a helicopter with search lights. Police tape roped off the crime scene. The whole nine. From what I understand, they found the shooter in the woods. They didn't let us leave until he was found. HOURS later. And when we were driving out, there were at least 5 guys handcuffed on the side of the road.

Anybody hear anything about this? Let us know.

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