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Today's hot topics on the NFL Wives Yahoo Group:

Minnesota Vikings cornerback Terrance Shaw:
He never says he's married. He had a girl here in the bay head over hills in love and then she found out about the wifey back in Texas. His wife never lives with him in the city he plays for. He's also cousins with ex Laker Brian Shaw. Terrance is a very sad case he will run game till there's no tomorrow and seriously have you thinking you're the one.


Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown:
First Poster: One of my co-workers is Neveah's grandfather, his daughter is Reggie Brown's baby mama. Reggie has a girlfriend that has moved with him to Philly. Now that child support has come into play he wants paternity test and to my understanding hasn't looked out for baby girl since he got his first check, that's what grandpa told me.

Second Poster: My little cousin went to UGA with him. I was at her house and she was talking to Tyson Browning (he plays for UGA too..He's a senior this year) and Reggie, Tyson, and this other dude, Mario or soem shit like that was over there. She told me that Reggie will swear up and down that aint his baby if he gets mad at baby mama. lol. I said ol dog. That's a shame. He too young to start off with that type of rep.

Third Poster: Got a little more info today. Reggie's girlfriend is white!

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