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In 1984, the San Francisco Giants, back when the team was terrible and the sports information was wacky, introduced the Crazy Crab, a satirical mascot meant to skewer the concept of a mascot all together. The notion was that Crazy Crab was an anti-mascot, one that would take the abuse of fans frustrated with a lousy Giants team. It worked, too: Crowds and fans alike took turns pummeling poor actor Wayne Doba (who was also in Scarface! — with drinks and food.

Well, now that the Giants stink again, a movement is afoot to bring back the crab. Quoth the online petition site's founders:

At only one year of big-league experience, he'd bring more youth to the team that the Giants sorely need! Plus - no history of injuries! Hey, things can't get much worse... uh, right?...

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