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From the always amazing (and always anonymous) satirical site Yard Work, a diary entry from Rickey Henderson's tour with the San Diego Surf Dawgs.

In the big leagues, you're doing Sunday Conversations and sh-t, and later you go to Scores, and you always stick Karl Ravech with the check. In the minors, you're hanging out at the airport Holiday Inn waiting for some girl named Starlene to get off third shift.

True story: A friend of ours says she met with Rickey after a Newark Bears game a couple of years ago. Rickey came up to her and asked if she wanted to come with up to see his "yacht." Curious, she went with him. He drove her to the Meadowlands of New Jersey, where he had parked a paddleboat. It is impossible not to love Rickey Henderson.

Pay Rickey [Yard Work]