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If you're hanging around East Dublin, Georgia, this weekend — and if you are, be careful of all those disputes with the Irish Republican Army — you would be remiss not to drop by the 10th annual Summer Redneck Games. (We find it infinitely amusing that the event organizers have a Tripod site. We're almost surprised it's not written in BASIC. Hey, guys: Register a domain name. It ain't that hard, honest.)

We've been playing around with this site for a while, and we keep coming back to the schedule, or, as the site puts it, Here tis the ofishal skedyule! Events include:

Hubcap Hurl
Armpit Serenade
Buttcrack Competition
Bobbin' For Pigs Feet

At the end, there are of course fireworks, a.k.a., "throwing things in the air and shooting them."

Summer Redneck Games [Ofishal Site]