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Controversy in Boston is nothing new, even when the Red Sox are coming off a World Series win. Outfielder Johnny Damon and soon-to-be-closer Curt Schilling have been having a minor scuffle, with Damon saying Schilling shouldn't be a closer and Schilling responding with, "Contrary to popular belief, I have done this before." But the source of the discord could be off the field, in the controversial field of scarves.

Apparently, last year, in the playoffs, Schilling's robo baseball wife Shonda made "rally scarves" for all the players' wives; responding in robo baseball wife kind, they all wore them. Except for Michelle Damon, who thought they were kind of lame, fancy that. That set off a chasm between the two women that apparently has yet to be bridges. Says a Red Sox robo baseball wife source: "Johnny's bad-mouthing is coming from Michelle's influence," said Someone Who Knows. "Curt doesn't really want to get involved but he's not faulting Shonda for feeling bad or being mad." We love the idea of players' wives fighting, though we always figured it would be less about scarves, more about which of their husbands' road mistresses were more attractive.


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