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We've always liked Chicago White Sox outfielder Scott Podsednik. He's small, he's scrappy, he plays hard, he steals bases, he likes to get his uniform dirty in the way that fans always like white players to get their uniform dirty. But we always liked his understatedness the most: Nothing flashy, just straight ahead hard work, or some such nonsense, we're kind of just quoting the press release here.

Anyway, he's a little flashier than we thought: His new girlfriend is Fox Sports correspondent and former Playmate Lisa Dergan. We're not into gossip all that much — no! — but let's just say we doubt Dergan was banging down Podsednik's door four years ago, when he was batting .249 for the Texas League's Tulsa Drillers. It's good to be in the major leagues.

Lisa Dergan [Official Site]