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We tend to find European sports terminology hilarious, mainly because it points to how equally absurd American sports terminology is. We all might know what "a blooper to shallow left" means, but to anyone not intimately familiar with baseball terminology, that's just nonsensical babbling. So here's a look at the big news of the week in odd, confusing sports in other lands, with our translation.

Therefore he found a silver lining to injuries that have ruled out flanker McCaw, first five-eighth Carter, fullback Leon MacDonald, second five-eighth Aaron Mauger — all from last week — and longer term problems with prop Carl Hayman and hooker Anton Oliver. []
(We can just hear young Clive after his first rugby tryout. "Mom! They made me a hooker!")

It was nice but the platform was set. Straussy and Tres really got over that hard part with Lee and McGrath and the ball seaming about. Coming in at 100 for 0, there was no real pressure on the run-rate. You can't complain — and we just cantered over the line. []
(We got used to the curveball and were so far ahead there was no real pressure. Ah, tea break. Cheers.)

The accident, which saw (Adelaide defender Graham) Johncock crash into two cars, happened early Monday morning and he has been charged with police for driving without care, making a false report to police by claiming his car was stolen and failing to truly answer police questions. []
(Some things are just universal).