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Yesterday, San Diego Padres first baseman Phil Nevin rejected a trade by the team for the third time, keeping him in San Diego and Sidney Ponson in Baltimore. (In the past, Nevin was almost traded for both Ken Griffey Jr. and Jeromy Burnitz.) The Padres, who are just one game over .500 and three games ahead of Arizona in the NL West, desperately wanted to trade Nevin; Padres CEO Sandy Alderson said, "this is the course Phil has chosen, and I think we recognized his right to do so. If we thought the status quo was in the best interest of the organization, we would have left it that way." That is to say: You sunava ...

Predictably, Padres bloggers are losing their minds.

· Ducksnorts: At some point you have to get up and go back to work. I dunno, I haven t walked in the guy s shoes, but I imagine it d be tough to find much pleasure in doing my job after my employer had made it clear that they no longer needed nor desired my services.
· Friar Faithful: Son of a Bitch Vetoes Trade: I hope he doesn't start another game as a Padre. Let him keep X's old spot on the bench warm.

And that's just the first two. At least the dog's cute.

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