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If you're not already a subscriber — we are, because it's a tax writeoff, baby — you can check out the Baseball Prospectus merchandise for free over the next week and a half. (The highlight of Sweeps Week is, of course, a chat with A's general manager Billy Beane).

We've always wondered if the BP guys make money for their work over there. We mean, we know they get paid; we just wonder how much they actually get for it. So let's take a look. A premium subscription for BP goes for $34.95. If you buy the book, it's $12.21 on Amazon right now. The book credits 16 authors; let's call them their primary employees. So if you buy the top subscription you can buy AND you buy the book, you're spending $47.16, or $2.94 a person. (And that's not even counting printing and computer costs.) So they need about, oh, 25,000 people to buy both. That doesn't seem too unreasonable, does it? Free week? Of course: These dudes must be rich! Those nerds, they're so good with money.

Baseball Prospectus [Official Site]