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This is the final year for Busch Stadium, the home of the St. Louis Cardinals since 1966. Cardinals fans have a million memories of the old ballpark, but the one that sticks out to many is one that no one seems to be able to document: Former first baseman Mike Laga becoming the one man to hit a ball out of the stadium. The unfortunately named Fuck Your Couch blog brings up a point we've always wondered: Did it really happen? There is no video of the game, and no one seems to exist who was actually at the park when the alleged ball was hit.

It seems as if everywhere I turn people are discussing their favorite Busch Stadium memories. And every time, right near the top of that list, sits Mr. Mike Laga, hitting a ball out of Busch, whether they actually saw it or not.

The Legend Of Mike Laga [Fuck Your Couch]