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For a while in the sixth grade we pretended we knew French — but in reality it was just that one line in the Beatles song "Michelle" that we memorized and repeated to impress our friends. Apparently the folks over at MLB Blogs never even got that far. The Expos are long gone, after all, so why should they bother?

Here's why. In their recently updated blogs section, we found a blog entitled L'acriture san calmants, which we're pretty sure is French. A quick check at BabelFish gives the following translation: The Writing Without Calming.

The entire site is in French. And of course Google has a translation function, so we entered the blog name and it translated the entire site into English. They appear to be mostly poems. Here are a couple for your enjoyment, after the jump:

this night I will not shake it without the cock I will not put hours for to write this poem I will not try to return the vibro in my bottom I will not answer the mail I do not go to regret having to play

And ...

Twins again beat Boston

its right groin
is irritated
by the piss

it is 10 hours and half I should perhaps take again a tablet of "CORAMINE"

and, more than once:

I will shit. I return.

Let's see how long it takes the crack team of Navajo codebreakers over at headquarters to figure this out. And just when they do, let's all log on and start cursing in Portuguese.

L'acriture san calmants [MLB Blogs]