For the first time in his career, Mark Sanchez has been challenged for the starting job. He responded by growing a horseshoe mustache. It is intense.

The Sanchize spent training camp growing in a full French cut, but before this weekend's game he shaved the beard and revealed its true glory to the world. He's taking flak for following in the footsteps of another spotlight-craving Jets quarterback, but I'll go on the record here with an unpopular opinion: I'm rooting for Mark and the mustache.


It's a "fuck you" mustache. A "time to put away childish things" mustache. An "I actually grew this to cover the gnarly scar on my cheek from that time I smoked a bunch of bad hash and got into a knife fight at Sturgis" mustache.

Picture it: Sanchez, in his contract year, rescued from certain NFL oblivion only by his head coach's irrational love, grows this mustache and turns around his career with one of the all-time great comeback seasons. He's now Badass Sanchez. Evil Sanchez. He takes no shit from fans and doesn't let Geno Smith sniff the field. There's a Super Bowl. A parade. Mark Sanchez becomes king of New York. The mustache is preserved forever on a bust in Canton.

Or maybe it's another shitty season and we never see Mark Sanchez again. Either way, drink it in.