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We are far from the first people to scream the genius of Yard Work, but we still kinda want to be the ones who do it the loudest. Calling the site "satirical" isn't doing it justice; the site is brilliant in mad, somewhat terrifying ways. (We were unable to read this week's story about Rickey Henderson in The New Yorker without Yard Work's voice in our head: "Pay Rickey!") Its archives are deep, massive and hypnotic.

Today's fun game: We've become borderline crazed by reloading their homepage to see the different lunatic photos they've chosen to lead the top their site. (They change automatically.) They're always funny in completely goofy ways — like that photo of then-Dodgers pitcher Jose Lima and his wife, whose breasts always show up for appointments 10 minutes before she does — and we just can't keep ourselves from hitting reload. After the jump, some of the pictures we have found ... at least the ones we can possibly describe.


(Update: A reader informs us you can find all of Yard Work's headers right here. But, jeez, that's no fun.)

• An extreme closeup of Joe Morgan's head, circa around 1974.
• Rafael Palmeiro leaning over to talk to Mark McGwire at the steroid hearings before Congress.
• A shot from Fever Pitch, with Jimmy Fallon leaning over to talk to Drew Barrymore.
• A highway exit sign pointing to the Devil Rays' Tropicana Field.
• Pete Rose raising his arms in triumph at the All-Star celebration six years ago as Mike Schmidt barely disguises his disgust.
• Jose Lima signing the national anthem next to his amply chested wife.
• The crazed George Brett after he was called out for having too much pine tar.
• Nolan Ryan with Robin Ventura in a headlock.
• Dean Cain hanging out with Bret Saberhagen at a celebrity softball game.
• Don Zimmer lying in a stretcher, looking 74 percent dead.

Keep putting them up there, guys; we'll keep reloading.

Yard Work