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Baseball Musings points out a story we hadn't noticed (though it's still early in the morning): Jason Giambi's trainer is the new strength coach for alls ports at the University of Cal-Santa Barbara. Baseball Musings finds this worriesome, to say the least:

Now, if I were a parent, would I want someone who was involved so closely with steroid using players (McGwire, Giambi) to be responsible for my 18-year-old's conditioning?

... One of the big reasons sited for being tough on steroid abuse is to protect young people. I suppose Alejo has plausible deniability when it comes to the players he coached, but I would not want Bobby Alejo in charge of my child's conditioning, and I would write a letter to the UCSB athletic department telling them so.

We don't know what he's talking about. We want to see all the UCSB golfers suddenly covered in back acne and popping neck zits. Won't that rule?

Giambi Says Good-Bye To Old Friend [NY Times] (via Baseball Musings)