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We feel like we should let you know this: We are a part of the vast pro-Arizona Cardinals media conspiracy. We're not some Johnny Come Latelys either; we have loved The Buzzsaw That Is The Arizona Cardinals since they were in St. Louis. We know there is an excess of Arizona Cardinals coverage, so we apologize for contributing to it. But we're little eight-year-old fans when it comes to The Buzzsaw; forgive us.

Anyway, current Buzzsaw quarterback Kurt Warner — otherwise known as The Savior — still hasn't received his 1999 MVP trophy. It somehow got lost in all the confusion, though apparently the Associated Press is making him a new one. Which is nice. Though not as nice as this year's Super Bowl XL MVP trophy will be. Which he's totally getting. Sorry: Buzzsaw Bias again. We're as bad as Mariotti.

Missing Trophy A Reminder For Warner [Arizona Republic]