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The New York Post's Page Six reports this morning that failed real estate entrepreneur Donald Trump will be hosting a Friar's club roast of boxing "promoter" Don King. Past roastees have included Pamela Anderson, Chevy Chase and, most famously, Hugh Hefner. And now Don King, perhaps the only person we can think of who has foisted more crimes on humanity than Chevy Chase.

But what, pray tell, could the roasters possibly have to rip on Don King about? Hmmm ... let's imagine.


Jeffrey Ross: "Don King's so mean that he once beat a man to death who owed him money, right out on the street."
Sarah Silverman: "Don King's so slimy that he has been nailed by the FBI for bribing officials so he could steal more money from 'his' boxers."
Gilbert Gottfried: "Don King's so evil that even Muhammad Ali knew he was stealing from him. Oh, and Larry Holmes. And Mike Tyson. And every other boxer, ever."

Oh, yeah, it'll be a laugh riot.

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