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We've been following the MLB Blog l'ecriture sans calmants for some time now, and we have to say, we're a fan. We love the fact that it's written entirely in French. And we love that the author, Pascal Uccelli, seems to be a hopeless and inept gambler (allow us to translate):

"The Giants the Sox the Cardinals the Brewers the Jays the Tigers all lost, my balance is low."


We love that his typical post is becoming more and more like a screening of The Aristocrats:

"I do not want any more of my cock which you would cherish in the vagina. I do not want to kiss to lick to be juicy."

We also admire his devotion to the art of motion pictures ("Depardieu affirms that it has not drunk any more for six months") and to world politics ("UNO could seize Iranian nuclear file.").

But most of all, we love the fact that is oblivious to the whole thing. It's in French, after all, and to translate it would take effort. Here's to you, Pascal Uccelli. Longs de phase et prosp rent!

l'ecriture sans calmants [MLB Blogs]