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We've had a grand time this morning flipping through the newest issue of New York magazine and its Salary Issue. Essentially, it looks at all different fields and examines how salaries compare to each other, and sports is one of its most entertaining entires. We have our doubts about a few of the numbers on the list, but on the whole, it's fun to mix and match. A sample:

Paul Tagliabue, NFL Commissioner: $8 million
Don Garber, MLS Commissioner: $250,000
Joe Torre, Yankees manager: $6.4 million
Willie Randolph, Mets manager: $630,000
Pedro Martinez, Mets pitcher: $13.25 million
Steve Crampton, Newark Bears pitcher: $9,900 ($450 per week for 22 weeks, plus $18 per diem on road trips)

We bet Rickey Henderson made more money than that when he played for Newark, by the way. ("Pay Rickey!"

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