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Thanks to The Mighty MJD, who directed our attention to this: ABC sportscaster Brent Musburger was ticketed last Saturday for drinking beer in his car. Directly after the Nebraska-Pittsburgh game — about which a Nebraska fan commented, "I think a lot of people needed a drink after that game" ... and Nebraska won — Lincoln cops pulled over Musburger when they saw him drinking from an open can of Budweiser. (Funny, we wouldn't have considered Musburger a Bud man; that said, at his age, we didn't think he ingested anything but prunes.)

Some have questioned whether police were targeting Musburger, which would be a surprise to no one who has ever heard him broadcast a game. But we know what was really going on: Musburger was getting an early start on The Brent Musburger Drinking Game.

"Jack Arute". Whenever Brent says "Our ol' buddy Jack Arute" everyone has to say "AROOOOOOT!" Last one to do it has to do a shot. If everyone does it simultaneously, the Pardner must do a shot.

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