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Far be it from us to get all Alistair Cooke on you — we make mistakes too, after all — but it's time something was said. The English language is not a toy, and spell-check was invented for a reason. Yes, we're referring to you, MLB Blogs. And specifically to you, Matthew's Nation.

A recent post: "The problem is simple, Boston needs to look at their ballpen and fix it. It horrible and if they want to win another championship this year, their ballpen has to come threw. "

And: "This article by Sean McAdam which I like him with WEEI's sport cast in the afternoon however, I must dissagree with the theme of the article because both pitchers are different in their own right."

Our duty is clear: to invade Matthew's Nation and restore grammatical order. It won't be easy. We know what we'll find when we get in there — sentence fragments littering the landscape. Nouns and verbs at each other's throats. Unnecessary commas whoring themselves on street corners ... get away from that sentence structure, it's gonna collapse! ... We have to hurry. Because even Frankenstein is reading Matthew's Nation and saying: "This not make sense."

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