All this talk about Amazon reader reviews got us to remembering one of our favorite snafus: Rob Neyer's infamous angry Amazon review. If you've forgotten, or if you never knew, Neyer — whose uncomfortably confessional book Feeding The Green Monster proved once and for all that stat guys shouldn't write about trying to meet girls — once wrote a review of Steve Kettman's One Day At Fenway that contained the line, "How did this project go so terribly wrong? Presumably the author wound up with plenty of source material, and so I can only assume that he lacked either the talent or the time (or both) to shape the material into a decent piece of non-fiction."

Neyer originally did the review anonymously, but when a reporter called him out on it, he fessed up, admitting the book made him so angry, he wanted to "throw it across the room." ended up suspending him, nobody bought Neyer's book and now you can buy the two books together on Amazon for a deal. And Rob is probably very sad we brought this back up. Sorry!


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