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What happens when you put actor Charlie Sheen, professional assbag Rob Dibble and a plethora of porn stars in a room together? Oh, did we mention the year was 1990? You can probably guess: It's a Big Red Orgy! According to Dibble in FHM magazine, notorious baseball fan Sheen "entertained" that Reds team with porn stars at his California home. Quoth Dibble:

"During our championship season in 1990, Charlie Sheen threw us a couple of parties at his Malibu house. He spent over $50,000 - all of it on strippers, hookers and porn stars. For one party, he sent limos to pick us up from Dodger Stadium. I actually blew the save that night. I like having fun, but this was a freak show. I saw one of my fat, ugly teammates having sex with this beautiful porn star in a Jacuzzi.


Hmm. Let's see. Paul O'Neill? Eric Davis? Billy Hatcher? Naw: We're guessing Chris Sabo. Sabes!

By the way, this is Rob Dibble, if you were wondering what that taste in the back of your throat was.

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