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We'd never thought about this before — mainly because politics scares and confuses us — but in a weird way, this kind of makes perfect sense: Barry Bonds is the Karl Rove of sports. Think about it. Bonds sticks to his guns no matter how ridiculous his position; he says he's going to do something, he does it and he doesn't care what you think. Rove, equally unpopular, pretty much does the same thing, albeit more behind the scenes. And hey, they both have puffy faces.

Blogger J.R. Kinnard imagines what Bonds in Rove's place would look like:

If and when Rove is sent up the river, Barry Bonds could easily step into his shoes. He will stop at nothing to divert blame, and does so with a shamelessness that can only mean he actually believes what he is saying. That type of denial and delusion doesn't just grow on trees, my friends.

Bonds Auditions For Rove's Job [Don't Floss With Tinsel]