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Great, great, great news: Rickey Henderson could finally make it back to the majors. It might not necessarily be in the way we'd prefer — we'd like to see Rickey a top some sort of wild animal, an elephant or giraffe maybe, as the United Nations holds a special session up in a skybox in his honor; oh, and we'd also think it was cool if somehow Aerosmith could be there, or even REO Speedwagon — but we'll take it. A's general manager/Smilin' Simon Billy Beane says he would consider giving Rickey a one-day contract if he decided to retire in an A's uniform.

"Certainly I'd consider that," Beane told The Chronicle. "Rickey up to this point has never given anyone any indication that he's ready to retire, but if he was, depending on the circumstances, that could be possible."

So, the invitation has been extended. All that's left to take care of? All together now: PAY RICKEY!

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