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World Deadspin Headquarters โ€” usually a dank, gloomy sort of place, not unlike Dracula's castle or the DMV โ€” feels like Disneyland today. That's because Tommy Lasorda is back at the controls of his MLB Blog.

We can hardly contain our excitement. Tommy, who is supposed to be running the site's signature blog, has been missing since July 27 โ€” a 56-day absence which had us imagining all sorts of gruesome scenarios. But he's back, and falling all over himself apologizing.

"I've missed communicating with you; I've missed talking baseball with you, especially in the midst of the pennant race; I've missed hearing from you; I've missed blogging."

Damn it, we promised ourselves we weren't going to cry. Where was Tommy? Well, for three of those days he joined Gloria Estefan, Andy Garcia, Jimmy Smits and Daisy Fuentes on a "goodwill relief tour" of three shelters in Baton Rouge and Biloxi. The practical reasons for this trip are unclear โ€” apparently they just showed up and glad-handed the populace. No gaudy displays of charity for Tommy, like bringing the folks some food or something. Because, you know, there are other kinds of nourishment:

"We lifted their spirits and preached the message of never quitting. We made sure they haven't forgotten how to laugh. Laughter is the food for the soul, if you can laugh, you can forget all your problems. In fact, to make sure of that, I led a congo (sic) line as Gloria sang."

Sweet Jesus. Would it be insensitive here to say that we'd prefer the hurricane?

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