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After its rather incomprehensible look at Miami Dolphins hemp advocate Ricky Williams last week, "60 Minutes" continues to scrape the filthy underbelly of the sports world with a cutting look at Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. You won't believe the dirt they've uncovered. It's Derek Jeter LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE!

• Jeter, in a shocking betrayal of clubhouse etiquette, says that teammate Jason Giambi is "an easy person to root for and support."
• Owner George Steinbrenner is "like his father," but "more difficult to deal with" but that he's "able to motivate himself."
• His parents love him, he loves them and sometimes he'll tell his mom in the stands — using his eyebrows — that he's going to try to hit a home run for her.

The expose runs Sunday night; your world shall be rocked like it has rarely been rocked previously.

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