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Brian Kamenetzky is a man of many talents. He has a new book (Fishing on the Edge, written with his brother Andrew), he's a regular contributor to ESPN Magazine and ESPN's legendary Page 2, and he has an MLB Blog.

In his latest blog entry, Kamenetzky ponders the big questions. Specifically, which baseball teams would be the favorites of the cast members of the TV show Lost?:

"Kate (Evangeline Lilly) — She's young, she's hot, she's gonna be good for a long time. You'd think by looking she wouldn't be helpful, or couldn't do any damage, but lo and behold, she kicks serious a**. Her Team: The Cleveland Indians — They're young, they're hot, and they're gonna be good for a long time. You'd think by looking that they might not be helpful (okay, I picked them to win the division), or at least you would have thought that 40 games into the season. Lo and behold, they can do a ton of damage, and kick some serious a**."

You know, we find it pretty amazing that Kamenetzky couldn't sell this to Page 3.

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