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More than any other sport, baseball lends itself to individual blog obsession. Every Major League Baseball team has several blogs obsessed with chronicling the ins-and-outs of everything. Deadspin salutes these modem-addled souls and proudly presents Blogdom's Best, given to the most outstanding blog for each team. If you would like to nominate a blog (yours even) for selection, just let us know at Today: The Washington Nationals.

We loved the Montreal Expos. Loved them. We went to Olympic Stadium once at watched their fans clang their seats to make noise. We almost bought a Jose Canseco Expos jersey, when he almost signed with them. We have even had unnatural-but-feels-so-right dreams about Youppi. But now they're gone, and, as far as we could tell, no one ever started a blog about the Expos. Thankfully, the Nationals inspired much love when they arrived in D.C., and the blogs have come in plentiful bounties. But we will always have our memories, our love, our Warren Cromartie bobblehead and our rather soggy Youppi stuffed animal.

3. District Of Baseball. Sometimes it can be hard to read paragraphs and wade through all that construction. The D of B's helpful bullet points give us all the information we need with a healthy dollop of humor.
2. Capitol Punishment. Some blogs are funnier, and some are more specifically focused on stats. Writer Chris Needham finds the perfect mix of both. Plus, he's a former Yankees fan, which means he has rediscovered his soul. (Sorry.)
1. BallWonk. Ordinarily, we'd make fun of a baseball blog that has a merchandise shop. But not here, particularly when you can buy Barry Bonds Asterisk Banners. Hilarious posts with just enough analysis to remind you why you care.

(Monday: Pittsburgh Pirates.)