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• You thought Ryan Farnsworth was bad. You thought Bronson Arroyo tarting it up with college students who aren't his wife was bad. You thought that A-Rod and his wife living as closet swingers was bad. Until you have seen Manny Ramirez teaching people how to dance, you ain't seen nothing. NOTHING!
• Laveranues Coles: A brave trend setter or a fantasy disappointment? Wait, that didn't come out right.
• The NFL Katrina hotline supposedly raised a lot of money, but we couldn't get through.
• Did Bill Conlin really just say what we think he did?
• The Sporting News knows what the kids like: Holiday Inns!
• Nats' Ryan Church like, totally wants to help Jews, dude.
• Bill Simmons' Amazon reviews are fun, but his interviews with his hometown paper are like Jolly Ranchers for our soul.
• Good Lord, Rob Dibble and Charlie Sheen were once involved in an orgy together. Sometimes we wish we would have been born like Helen Keller.
• We're not saying Bob Knight's son is a crossdresser. We're just saying his college nickname was "Victor's Secret."