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Some Web business news this morning: The crazy kids at Football Outsiders have signed a deal with Fox Sports to provide NFL content for their site. Editor-in-chief Aaron Schatz — who previously had been doing work for ESPN Page 2 — says Fox Sports will run original FO content Monday-Wednesday. Fox, as it tends to do, will be re-running stories that ran on FO on their site as well. The New York Sun newspaper will continue to run Outsiders content as well.

No TV deals so far for everybody's favorite football stat nerds, but hey, it's just a matter of time. (Schatz himself is a former disc jockey in Daytona Beach.) Though we'd rather Fox TV just incorporate Outsiders content — we should probably just call them Insiders now, we guess — into the scripts for their current TV people, just so we can see Tony Siragusa try to say DVOA and "adjusted points +/- zero."

Congrats, Web nerds! May the TV people not forever be giving you wedgies.

FO Signs Content Agreement With Fox [Football Outsiders]