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From the Professors With Way Too Much Time On Their Hands Department: A professor at the University of Iowa has been receiving Internet threats after she claimed that the Iowa football team's propensity to color the locker room pink was sexist and homophobic. First off, we'd like to tell everyone to stop sending this professor Internet threats, because Internet threats are easy to send, as we re-discover every single day. Your time could be better spent sending moronic racist letters to Derek Jeter; at least that increases the possibility that you could choke on the stamp.

Now, that said: We're reminded once again why we were always skipping class in college. The professor, Erin Buzuvis, says she was just making a comment to reporters and the whole issue got out of hand. That may be true, but honestly, the only people on the planet with the raw number of free hours required to even think about being offended by a pink locker room are college professors. We'd come up with a joke here about other dumb things that would contribute to a "hostile culture," but we don't want to give anybody ideas. (OK, one: The former name for Northwestern's football field is Dyche Stadium. Discuss.)


Fittingly, they're having a "public forum" about the issue this Tuesday. Anybody in Iowa City wanna take pictures for us?

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