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Earlier, we finally got fed up with watching MLB Blogs from the sideline and just started our own, mostly out of curiosity for what words and phrases we could get away with putting up there before the Selig Army went after us. We titled our page the same as a rather famous loathsome manifesto — it was that or something involving NAMBLA; it was a tough decision — and figured it would be days until anyone noticed.

It took about an hour. Not only is the title of our page now asterisked out, so is "National Socialist Movement" and, staggeringly, the actual word "Deadspin." (Sweetly, they let us keep our link.) We don't know if it's just us or not; anybody else out there had Deadspin all covered up in Bonds asterisks?


But yeah: We're impressed with the search monkeys over there at MLB Blogs. And at least they let us keep "Blackberry Cobbler."

Whammy's Blackberry Cobbler [MLB Blogs]

(UPDATE: They've now taken down our site all together. Best five bucks we ever spent!)